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Month: December 2016

Holiday Gifts & Tote Bags

Holiday Gifts & Tote Bags

California is emulating Europe by requiring shoppers to carry their own bags in an effort to save our environment. So what could be better than having your own art satchel created by one of California’s fine artists?

Even those who carry themselves with the utmost grace and sophistication will occasionally need to carry something to handle purchases. Carquinez Strait Tote Bag by California Artist Robert Hoffman.

With inspiration drawn from California’s stunning landscapes, Robert Hoffman has created original paintings that will draw approving stares and comments while travelling and wandering market places.

Featuring patterns and prints adapted from the world of art and design, these tote bags bring elegance and style to any ensemble, to say nothing of their practicality. Perfect for any outing, the fashion-forward tote bags make unique accessories.

Starry Starry Night Tote Bag by Robert Hoffman, California Artist.