Call For Art

Call For Art

Sell Your Original Artwork

Sell Your Original Artwork

We assume you’ve created an online store, say on Facebook. Frankly, that hasn’t been very effective for many artists we know, so we have tried (or are working on) the following:

  • Ask a local art store to sell your art for a percentage of profit to them. If they do not have room for your paintings, see about having greeting cards made from your work for sale (and be sure to have your contact information on the back of the card).
  • Check with local bars and restaurants; many display art created by local artists and are generally happy for unique new paintings and styles.
  • With summer coming, we are going to join the crews at local farmer’s markets. Your art can feature subjects that enhance the market, i.e. flowers, bottles of wine, classic fruit baskets, etc.
  • Many groups hold art fairs annually to raise funds for their community outreach programs.
  • Locate an online gallery that focuses on featuring original art by local artists.
2nd Friday Vallejo Art Walk

2nd Friday Vallejo Art Walk

During May, we’re going to cover various art exhibits during Friday’s Art Walk and exhibitions along the various other venues, including:

  • Obtainium Works, 510 Pennsylvania Street:  The home of artists, inventors, tinkerers and pranksters, it is also the home of the Hibernian Academy of UnNatural Sciences, and the famous Neverwashaul.  They feature Sunday workshops and produce events throughout the year. (Information:
  • Vallejo Naval & Historical Museum, 734 Marin Street: The Museum collects and shares the fascinating history of the City of Vallejo and the U.S. Navy at Mare Island. The focus is WWII and the ships built at Mare Island. Well worth seeing because of the exceptional, and sometimes controversial art, that evolves from war.
  • The McCune Collection, John F. Kennedy Library, 505 Santa Clara Street. The collection houses a vast array of displays on fine printing, early printing, Latin Books, Californiana, Printing Arts (current and historical),  Gutenberg Leaf (a page from the Old Testament produced in Mainz, Germany by Johannes Gutenberg between 1450 and 1455.
    The page contains two columns of 42 lines. The type is set in a style that mimics the handwriting of medieval scribes.
  • Trojan Monk Art, 508 Sacramento Street. April’s showing includes a group of Bay Area artists: Illustrators, tattooists, painters, mixed media. TrojanMonk Art gallery is an Artist- owned business, showing works of Vallejo and Bay Area artists. They offer private critiques and demos to enhance work and productivity. The showing artist holds all rights to the work; art is not produced or sold without contract or permission by artist and gallery owners (Consignment forms are used).
  • Vallejo Open Studios, 2017.
    Information is coming soon for 2017. But do take time to view their website featuring participating artists and galleries through the years. (Right: Opus in Oils, Erin Bakke.)
Vallejo Art Walk

Vallejo Art Walk

As mentioned, we’ve been wandering around the San Francisco Bay Area seeking new venues, viewing art by local artists, checking out classes, etc.

Vallejo holds an art festival every second Friday year-round along its streets and in local galleries. Of course, everyone is invited to these free events.

Last Friday we started walking Georgia Street, viewing street art, talking with artists, and wandering in and out of galleries. In addition to setting up our own outdoor exhibit on April 7th along with other street artists, we are going to apply for wall space at a specific gallery to begin exhibiting in Vallejo. (Please check back . . . additional detail and examples of art to be shown will be posted here, of course.)


  • The Hub Vallejo (woodburning by Carla Nelson)
  • Artiszen Gallery
  • Townhouse, a “dive neighborhood bar.” Live music, open mic, art shows.
  • Indian Alley Antiques
  • Design by David, Furniture-maker
  • The W.O.R.K.S. Gallery
  • Procyon Gallery, Fine Art and Framing Studio
  • Vallejo Antiques
  • The McCune Collection, Rare and unique books, including Californiana. Also, exhibitions of art during the 2nd Friday Art Walks.
  • Georgia Galleria
  • Pieced on Earth. Custom textiles, upholstery, bedding.
  • Modern Warrior Arts Academy (actually, martial arts, which, of course, is an art form).

Our upcoming art walks in Vallejo will cover Sacramento Street, Capital Street, and Marin Street (which equals Georgia Street in number of art venues).

In Galleries. Online. What Next?

In Galleries. Online. What Next?

Step One: Locate a business that focuses on providing original art for building lobbies, offices, staged real estate, etc. Top notch companies will provide a range of services for any type of client/companies, such as:

Staging Companies

  • Contact a high-end real estate company or professional stager. Focus on those who feature new artwork from local artists to display in real estate for sale; this is a great way to breathe new life into a room. Photography can be used to modernize a room and add a splash of color as well.

Turnkey Service is Ideal

  • The stager handles everything, from design and curation to installation and rotation, freeing you to get involved as much or as little as you like.

Local Artwork, Nationally

  • Local companies work directly with local artists; featured art can be in a variety of sizes and styles, depending on the needs of the home, it floorplan, room sizes, etc.

Flexible Pricing

  • Prints and originals can be mixed, keeping the quality intact, and combine rental options by the realtor/stager and/or purchase options for the eventual home buyer. This is very well managed by Visual Staging, Interior Design, in Sausalito, California. In addition to managing staging, Sheri provides her own original paintings, many of which are so in-tune with the real estate that they are sold simultaneously.
New Venues. Check Back!

New Venues. Check Back!

Robert’s paintings on this web gallery and exhibited on the walls of local venues in Northern California during the past two years are the first public showings of his scenic landscapes. 

He will soon be exhibiting in venues around Vallejo, California. Please check back to join us at opening parties to meet the artist and view his ever-growing volume of paintings.

In addition to his own work, he has been collaborating with another local artist, D. A. Levy, who has been photographing and painting scenes from around the world for the past couple of decades.  She asked if she could add a bird in more detail on one of the seascapes. He handed her the above lighthouse and she painted the egret above. Additional collaborations are underway and will be part of a new exhibition scheduled for April-May.

Please check back.

Holiday Gifts & Tote Bags

Holiday Gifts & Tote Bags

California is emulating Europe by requiring shoppers to carry their own bags in an effort to save our environment. So what could be better than having your own art satchel created by one of California’s fine artists?

Even those who carry themselves with the utmost grace and sophistication will occasionally need to carry something to handle purchases. Carquinez Strait Tote Bag by California Artist Robert Hoffman.

With inspiration drawn from California’s stunning landscapes, Robert Hoffman has created original paintings that will draw approving stares and comments while travelling and wandering market places.

Featuring patterns and prints adapted from the world of art and design, these tote bags bring elegance and style to any ensemble, to say nothing of their practicality. Perfect for any outing, the fashion-forward tote bags make unique accessories.

Starry Starry Night Tote Bag by Robert Hoffman, California Artist.

Selling Your Art: The Basics

Selling Your Art: The Basics

Following are considerations for any artist thinking of exhibiting/selling art. These general questions and planning tips were considered and are reconsidered as I grow in the commercial field of art.

  • Subject matter: Visit local galleries and learn what is selling. Select the best examples of your work representing your desired market and learn what actually sells.
  • Develop your resume. Who are you as an artist? What makes your work unusual, desirable to grace offices or homes, and/or collectible?
  • Will you sell your originals, prints only, or various art products, i.e. cards, home decor, phone cases, tote bags?
  • Have you located the best method to showcase/sell your art, i.e. galleries, your own website, eMail lists to collectors, an online gallery managed by outside sources?
  • Consider fees for exhibiting; be sure any gallery you think of joining actually has a track record of selling work. You might also spend time in a chosen gallery to see how much effort is actually taken to sell art rather than classes, supplies, etc.
  • What about the price? Is it competitive in your market(s)? Will the price cover your material/time/investment? At the beginning, you may have to sell low to develop a following, then increase as your market increases. Original paintings at one local gallery range from $100 to $6,000 with inconsistent rhyme and reason.
  • Be careful that you don’t get frustrated and begin showing your work at an ill-maintained gallery. Check the premises to be sure work is displayed professionally and arranged/rearranged as needed to develop/keep interest.
  • Do you have the proper materials/resources to ship your art or have you located an outlet that will handle this for you?
  • Are you willing/able to ship your art locally, nationally, or internationally? Who will cover shipping insurance: you or the buyer?
  • Do you have/need a plan/policy if the buyer wants to return this piece, wants their money back, wants more of your art quickly?
  • Be sure to keep proper records (pieces for sale, prices, sales/buyers, dates).



California artist Robert Hoffman is a prolific painter of North Coast hills, valleys and waterways.

His inspiration is due in part to his father, Stanley Gould Hoffman, an architectural draftsman and painter of fine landscapes. His father encouraged him to attend art classes, resulting in a mind filled with the beauty of America’s West.

During journeys crossing California’s picturesque country, Robert mentally collects information for his subjects and sketches images. His paintings, generally in acrylics, composed between dusk and dawn in his home studio, are inspired by dramatic lighting across Mother Nature’s oceans, valleys and mountains.

Because he paints throughout the night, his paintings glow with fluctuating lighting as the moon waxes and wanes during its phases.

Robert’s paintings on this web gallery and exhibited on the walls of local venues in Northern California during the past two years are the first public showings of his scenic landscapes.